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Why is fintech branding important? Because it’s not enough to have a great product. But where do you start?

It’s easy to forget the achievements and the tough decisions you’ve made that set your business apart.

Your business moves fast. You make quick decisions and you’re on to the next thing. Every time you look at your website, you notice how much your business has changed but your marketing messages have not.

Our fintech branding workshop is a great place to start. It’s a deep dive workshop that engages the minds and creativity of your senior team. Together, we will tell the story of your business with marketing messages and visuals that capture the essence of your brand, defines who you are and why clients should choose you.

Our process:


We’ll schedule an immersive workshop with you and your team. Using journalistic questioning techniques, we will stimulate and provoke discussions about you, your customers and market. We’ll find out what makes you different from other fintech brands. We’ll write it down and take it away.


When you’re happy with the style, we’ll produce a messaging document that will become your go-to reference guide for how to describe your business, your services and why the world is a better place with you in it. Copy, paste and adapt it to create consistent, memorable powerful messages across all your marketing channels from web pages to social media content, that’s when your fintech branding comes to life.


Over the next few days, we’ll sift through our notes and connect the dots. We’ll experiment with a style of language and positioning that connects with you and your customers, then get your feedback on some sample copy.


If you also need a visual brand refresh, now is the perfect time to do it. Your messaging document will inspire ideas for the kind of visual design that will lock together with your messaging to create a distinctive market positioning.

Our own in-house designers know fintech branding. We can build you a comprehensive and high-quality brand image that both fits in and stands out in the fintech world.

Our fintech branding services:

  • Logo ideas and design
  • Brand tone of voice, positioning and strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand names
  • Brand guidelines (colours, fonts, slogans, etc.)
  • Showreels and adverts
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What makes fintech branding different?

As a fintech marketing agency, our deep knowledge of the industry sets us apart.

We work exclusively in the payments industry so our team knows how to build a fintech brand that stands apart from the rest. We not only understand the technology you are likely to be using but also speak the same fintech language.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, we can help your fintech brand break through to your target market.

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