Fintech Festivities with Blue Train Marketing: 6 Years of Digital Xmas Shenanigans

Fintech Festivities with Blue Train Marketing: 6 Years of Digital Xmas Shenanigans

‘Tis the season to be jolly, especially if you’re part of or working with the coolest fintech and payments marketing agency in town😉.

For the past six years, our team has been spreading holiday cheer in the digital realm, concocting a mix of fintech-fuelled Christmas productions that’ll make even Scrooge chuckle.

How many of the fintech industry leaders can you identify in our productions?

Sit back, relax and let’s take a hilarious stroll down memory lane!

The Fintech Unplugged Pantomime Extravaganza


Remember the time we decided to mix fintech with the classic art of pantomime? It was a podcast pantomime like no other! Featuring some special payments guests that brought some extra festive spirit.

We presented classic crowd-pleasing panto antics lovingly mixed with a large helping of fintech jokes to bring good cheer to all.

TimeIn’ and ‘The Panto Times’ gave it rave reviews.

Listen here

The Fintech Saves Xmas Rap


We were proud to present a Christmas treat for 2019, featuring stars of the fintech industry as you have never heard them before.

When Father Christmas has an ill-advised big night out and forgets to arrange any presents, he calls on fintech to save the day. 

Contributing to each verse of this festive rap are a variety of payment industry powerhouses. This rap brought the fintech groove to Christmas.

Listen here

A Nightmare on Elf Street Comic


Introducing the naughty elf comic strip put together by the Blue Train Marketing team, with the Naughty Elf and George, our office dog. The Naughty Elf showed us the true meaning of festive financial mischief. It was originally channelled via LinkedIn but has now been put on video so you can read all three episodes in one go!

Watch here

The 12 Days of Fintech (Alternative Xmas Carol)


We decided to rewrite the Christmas carol playbook with a fintech twist. Brace yourself for the ’12 days of Fintech’, where a partridge in a pear tree was replaced with a cloud-based technology, and gold rings were swapped for payment rings! It was a carol that had everyone singing along, even if they couldn't keep up with all the fintech jargon! (And had Jeff, our CEO cringing lol!)

Listen here

Here's to six years of fintech and festive fun! From podcast pantomimes to fintech carols, our digital Christmas productions have become a tradition.

They do take a bit of time to put together and this year has been a bit tough on time, so we wanted to bid farewell to 2023 with a look back on shenanigans of previous years.

We can’t wait to see what fintech-inspired hilarity the future holds. Happy holidays, and may your Christmas be filled with laughter, joy, and a touch of fintech magic😊.