Pennies is the leading charity working to protect and grow micro-donations, unlocking technology for good and creating a future where everyone has affordable, digital ways to donate charity.

As well as being the leading voice on micro-donations in the UK and beyond, Pennies works with businesses to provide digital micro-donation solutions at the point of sale, unlocking technology for good. This ‘digital charity box’ is a digital upgrade of the traditional charity tin, designed to fit with our increasingly cashless lifestyles.

Donating a few pence to charity when paying by card or mobile wallet is as simple as a single press of a button or click of a mouse. The option to give appears automatically in the card payment process: on the card terminal in-store, or at the checkout online or in-app.

Hundreds of thousands of customers are making their digital pennies count for charity every single week, helping increase the impact charities can have in the communities they serve.


"Pennies gives your business a way to impact positively on the communities you serve – all through the power of customer micro-donations.

With Pennies, you can significantly scale what you raise for charity and we help you tell the stories of impact – to your colleagues, customers and stakeholders."


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