Fresh Trends and Insights at Money 20/20 Europe

Fresh Trends and Insights at Money 20/20 Europe

Money 20/20 Europe returns! Prepare for one of the largest expos in the payments, fintech and financial services calendar.

Established in 2012, over a decade on, the event boasts 8500+ attendees from 2300+ companies across the globe. 

Join the industry’s leading stakeholders and experts and the new emerging talents that will springboard payments and financial services innovation. All gathered in the same place at the same time to inform on current trends and happenings while inspiring future solutions and conversations.

The main theme of the show is Human x Machine 

In this age of transformation, the collaboration between humans and machines has never been more prominent. The intricate relationship that begins with business interactions all the way down to the customer experience is affected by the technological changes. This theme perfectly recognises the most important people pioneering the uncharted path ahead and the solutions to achieve this.

This year, the money 20/20 experience has been elevated to include extra experiences to carry on your money journey outside of networking and learning from industry experts. It includes covert bars, swag shops, and money walls - embrace the unpredictable!


Featuring a variety of engaging presentation styles, from rants to panel discussions, to workshops and striking presentations covering a wide range of topics. Attendees will gain insights into the latest payment trends through the hottest start-ups and cutting-edge developments through 350 speakers.

A Customer universe of one: 

Finance is evolving into a hyper-personalised universe where customisation is a foundational principle across all operations. Every customer’s context and demands are precisely understood, guiding entire financial journeys from the backend to the frontend. From onboarding to transaction monitoring and advanced analytics, technologies integrate seamlessly. 

The Age of Atomic Finance:

The technology that is enabling ‘The Universe of One’ is demonstrating atomic-level precision, allowing for new levels of hyper-personalisation that can reshape the future of finance. Technology such as AI, cryptography and quantum computing are changing complex data into granular insights, creating a seamless customer experience.

Meet the Architects:

‘The man behind the curtain’, meeting the visionaries and leaders of cutting-edge startups and experienced veteran organisations. The leaders will share what they’ve built and the motivations behind their current projects. Sessions will focus on the drivers of change, ethics and equality, taking centre focus as the ‘nano world’ demands financial access to all. This is about knowing how to build upon existing developments. 

Signal vs Noise

Financial innovation is accelerating, driven by emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and Web3. As innovation becomes more complex, distinguishing valuable breakthroughs from noise is increasingly challenging but essential. The industry needs practical perspectives and voices dedicated to meaningful progress and elevating the most valuable content amidst the noise.

The Business of Money

The ‘Business of Money’ demands savvy decision-making to transform lightbulb moments into lasting success. This involves effectively engaging with customers and making bold decisions for partnerships and investments to ensure long-term financial prosperity. Sessions will feature insights from decision-makers, investors, and disruptors, analysing the successful strategies and lessons from failures. 

Explore more of the sectors covered here!

Key Takeaways from Last Year

Generative AI and its Rise in Fintech 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) led the charge in fintech innovation, offering substantial opportunities and the chance to explore the previously unknown. Attendees gained valuable insights from Citi Group on the transformative impact of generative AI in financial services.

The conference explored the deployment of advanced AI models, their pros and cons for transaction monitoring and fraud detection. 

Keynotes from Swift, BBVA, and Nvidia were a highlight discussed how banks and fintechs can integrate generative AI into their services, sharing their knowledge on implementation and benefits.

Speaking of AI, Money 20/20 Connect was the app introduced last year to be the ultimate show companion.

Exploring the Future for Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain and cryptocurrency remained hot subjects, with many panels scheduled to explore the future of crypto legislation and the steps necessary to rebuild trust and encourage adoption among merchants and consumers.

Experts from Sardine, CoinCover, and Nuggets debated how they created seamless and efficient user experiences while maintaining high security and consumer protection standards.

CBDCs: Entering the Era of Digital Currencies

Over 110 countries have started exploring digital currencies, and more governments started to invest in CBDC research and pilot programmes. 

Swift said they were connecting the banking world with CBDCs for cross-border payments.

Also, Ripple shared OneStep Financial and Circle to explore the path for CBDCs and address critical topics, like whether they coexisted alongside stablecoins and how digital money could be enhanced for businesses and consumers. 

News for this year

Key Predictions 

CBDCs and stable coins will be topics featured, a continuation of last year. As well as Web3, the decentralisation of finance and asset tokenisation, against the backdrop of complex regulation change like the EU AI Act and the response of new technology implementation. 

Questions Asked..

Across the announcements prior to the conference, things have been announced that could affect the wider fintech industry and questions are posed about the implications.

‘Tech the Mickey’, Money 20/20’s magazine, poses questions about the CapitalOne merger with M&A and due to their size, how will it affect the European fintech industry? Can the traditional and giant financial institutions keep up with thre more flexible fintech startups? Will credit cards out live us all? 

The new age of Fintech has everyone on edge and curious to see how it plays out. 


There are a number of influential experts at this year's event, including: Francois Hollande, (Former French President), Monica Long (President at Ripple), Manix Von Stiphout, (COO/CTO, ING) and Joanne Hannaford (CIO/CPO of Corporate Banking at Deutsche Bank - amongst so many more. 

With all of these expert speakers and questions, this year is set to answer these and set the tone for the rest of the year for the payments industry.


Money20/20 is an indispensable event for professionals in the fintech and payments sector, offering a unique opportunity to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry and outpace potential competitors. By participating, you'll gain access to numerous benefits, from identifying potential clients to establishing vital connections, all with the ultimate aim of gaining that sought-after competitive edge. 

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