Must Attend Fintech Events of 2024: The Inclusive Guide

Must Attend Fintech Events of 2024: The Inclusive Guide

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, and it sparks extraordinary results.” – Wade Boggs (American Baseball Player)

This quote from Wade Boggs should be the inspiration for your 2024 events programme. After the plethora of successful and innovative events of 2023 from across Europe, Asia and the US, there are plenty more opportunities to gather knowledge, network and make a positive difference in the payments industry this year.

The fintech and payments remains highly popular, with established companies branching out and start-ups emerging. The increase in yearly events adds to the complexity of selecting the right fintech and payments events to attend, making it a challenge to achieve desired results.

The wide range of events on offer, vary from conferences and summits to expos on varied covering topics such as future payment trends, the latest happenings with AI and adaptations to the current climate.

From fintech forums to blockchain and insurance, budget planning for the upcoming year’s events can be daunting. In response, we’ve created a list of prominent international financial services events to focus on the events that can spark extraordinary results.

2024 Events in Europe

What to consider when picking the right fintech events for your business?

Typically, businesses participate in events as exhibitors or as sponsors.

Given that nearly 80% of US marketers believe that in-person events are one of the most effective marketing tactics to boost sales, incorporating event marketing into your overall strategy needs to be considered. The events market is expected to reach $2.2 billion by 2028, and more than half of marketers think event marketing drives the best ROI.

There are five essential factors to consider when selecting fintech events for marketing purposes. Including:

1) Establishing clear objectives.

2) Ensuring the relevance of the event industry.

3) Scrutinising key event themes.

4) Analysing the attendee demographics.

5) Evaluating the budget.

Consistently evaluating these considerations enables businesses to integrate event marketing into their overarching strategy.

If you have attended the event before, looking at the previous results is a must as a key indicator as to whether your company should even be exhibiting or sponsoring again!


Events across the UK and Europe


Details: February 27-28th 2024 - Intercontinental 02, London

Finovate Europe is an annual conference and exhibition showcasing developments in financial technology. Fintech businesses, start-ups, major financial institutions, investors, and industry professionals are often present. Participants can demonstrate their latest financial products, services, and technological developments.

It highlights 35+ innovative firms shaping fintech's future in retail banking, sustainability, wealth management, business banking, and other areas.

The event frequently features live demos and short talks, allowing companies to demonstrate their innovations in a fast-paced and engaging environment.

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MoneyLIVE Summit

Details: 6-7th March 2024 - QEII Centre, London

Money LIVE is a global banking event that attracts industry leaders to pioneer the future agenda of payments, providing opportunities to promote services and products.

This summit is not just about gaining insights; it's a platform for networking and collaboration, offering a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

This event will discuss the future of payments against the backdrop of the current economic climate, with payment innovations such as new lending techniques and the advancement of open finance concepts. Discussing topics such as digital currencies, new customer experiences, payment infrastructure protection and development, and so much more.

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Pay360 Conference

Details: 19-20th March 2024 – Excel, London

The PAY360 conference is the chief exhibition of The Payment’s Association, bringing industry leaders and visionaries together to drive the transformation of digital payments.

It caters to the niches of the financial services sector, attracting new members and giving new businesses a chance for people to get noticed. This allows people to build upon existing connections and turn these into continued, meaningful business leads.

To make the event more accessible, people can join virtually, so there is no missing out on the latest trends and innovations that will redefine your understanding of payments.

Specialised areas include regulation, financial crime, international trade and open banking. Explored through researched content, interviews and training activities to fully immerse your business into the event.

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Details: 2nd October 2024 - Grosvenor House, London

The PAY360 Awards, organised by The Payments Association, provides an excellent opportunity to recognise the latest innovation and leadership within the payments industry. It is one of the most prestigious events in the UK payments calendar that celebrates and honours the boundaries being pushed within the industry.

Attended by over 950 company executives across the payments sector, it is a chance to show off your business.

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Money 20/20 Europe

Details: 4-6th June, Rai Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Money20/20 Europe is one of the world's top financial service events, attracting over 8,500 attendees and 350+ industry professionals. It serves as a meeting ground for both new and experienced entrepreneurs, highlighting the current situation and distinguishing future innovations of fintech, payments, and financial services.

Attendees at this event can choose from various sessions delivered by industry leaders, ranging from interviews and panel discussions to interactive demos and presentations.

Covering a wide range of topics on the agenda, such as:

  • A Customer Universe of One: Hyper-personalisation and customer-centric approaches.
  • The Age of Atomic Finance: In-depth exploration of the technology behind innovative finance.
  • Meet the Architects: An insight into who is making the technology possible and the reasons they do what they do.
  • Signal V Noise: Signs to look into the future, strategies for dealing with hype demands.
  • The Business of Money: The routes to profit and funding, the fundamental foundations to get projects or campaigns off the ground.

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UK Fintech Week (Fintech Week London)

Details: 10-12th June – ExCeL London (13th June only)

Fintech Week London is dedicated to demonstrating the advancements in fintech, filled with knowledge-sharing and collaboration through the unification of industry leaders in the UK financial capital.

A convergence points for traditional financial institutions to collaborate with new and existing fintechs to get up to date with the latest trends and developments. Attendees range from high-street banks to investment firms, regulatory bodies, media companies and service providers.

Key topics covered include embedded finance, crypto and the rise of Insurtech. This is demonstrated through technology like AI, Web3 & the metaverse and inclusive ESG tools.

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 Fintech Talents Festival

Details: 11-12th November 2024 – The Brewery, London

 The Fintech Talents Festival is a must-attend event that brings together over 2000 global attendees. Combining a range of sectors and industries:

  • Traditional Financial Institutions
  • Digital platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Tech companies
  • Fintech’s
  • Innovators

Represented by a diverse audience of C-level officials and leaders in the digital landscape across the UK and Europe. Driving development through practical solutions to problems and new prospective ideas.

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Fintech Connect

Details: 4-5th December 2024 – Excel, London

Fintech Connect helps join the dots across a rapidly evolving industry and a previous year filled with ongoing challenges. The four pillars of Fintech Connect include Digital Innovation and gen AI, Payments, Digital Assets and Digital Identity, and they are illustrated to over 3000+ global attendees.

The show boasts multiple industry experts who understand the rapid changes in both B2B and B2C payments and the digital transformation that is taking place with blockchain and financial security.

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 Paris Fintech Forum Leaders’ Summit

 Another worthy mention is the Paris Fintech Forum Leaders’ Summit (PFF Summit) organised by Altéir. However, further details about the agenda and timings will be released later in the year. To keep up to date, check out the details here.

International Events Outside Europe

 Seamless Middle East

Details: 14 -15th May 2024 – Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

This is one of the most significant events covering the landscape and trends of digital commerce across the Middle East and beyond and covering areas like retail, home delivery, e-commerce, digital marketing, payments and fintech.

Offering free attendance to the exhibition as a unique platform for networking and showcasing cutting-edge solutions.

There are other seamless events around the globe in various locations, like Asia, Africa, North Africa, Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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Details: 21-24th October 2024 - China National Convention Centre (CNCC), Beijing, China

Sibos is a prominent worldwide event that brings together banks, financial institutions, regulators, and technology partners to serve as a meeting place for the financial industry.

It’s an annual conference organised by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and provides a forum for collaboration, innovation, and discussion on significant topics influencing the financial environment.

The topics covered during the conference include payments, securities, technology, compliance, and regulatory advancements.

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Money 20/20 USA

Details: 27th-30th October 2024 - The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas, USA

Money20/20 USA delivers steady ideas, showcasing increasing trends through more than 60 hours of vital information and bringing together seasoned industry professionals and newcomers.

Participants will learn about various topics, including the most recent advancements in Software as a Service (SaaS) and Banking as a Service (BaaS) and discussions about cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and the evolving relationship with artificial intelligence. These are just a few themes and concepts that will be discussed.

Money20/20 stands as an indispensable event for professionals in the fintech and payments sector. Being a part of this conference is crucial for remaining at the forefront of the swiftly evolving industry and outpacing potential competitors.

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As the fintech events of 2024 end, this year will be defined by innovation, collaboration, and challenging discussions. These events provide a critical base for industry leaders, visionaries, and young talent to come together to navigate the growing financial technology landscape. The fintech industry has seen tremendous progress, from innovative advances in financial services to the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

Blue Train Marketing has considerable experience in event marketing, from preliminary research and planning to coordinating various aspects of industry events. We have worked closely with notable events such as Money20/20, Fintech Connect, and Seamless to maximise client value from event participation.