Establishing a strong online presence requires captivating content that resonates with your target audience.

Our expertise in PPC for eCommerce enables us to craft compelling digital content that fosters engaging discussions and drives meaningful interactions.

With our tailored content creation strategy, you'll have the confidence to address relevant topics, at opportune moments, across diverse media channels.

Our content creation services.

Video (Blue)


Through captivating corporate videos that strategically position your brand, engaging video case studies that showcase your expertise, and informative explainer animations, videos serve as a powerful medium to swiftly communicate ideas, capture experiences, and showcase the value you offer.

Blogs (Aqua)


We'll collaborate with you to define the purpose of your blogs and strategically plan topics that resonate with your target market's interests and pain points. By conducting thorough research, we'll uncover compelling data points and craft captivating copy that seamlessly integrates your top-performing keywords. Your social media and SEO efforts will thrive on this content, satisfying their hunger for quality.

Podcasts (Blue)


Listening figures for podcasts are growing fast. Businesses are taking advantage of this trend with industry-focussed titles gaining popularity. 

Infographics (Aqua)


A high-quality infographic will help you build awareness in your market and draw potential customers into your sales funnel. They also establish thought leadership through powerful visual content.

What our clients love about us.


"The team is very fintech friendly and brimming with creative ideas.

We’d recommend them as the ‘go-to’ people for your video projects, from conception to execution.

We see Blue Train Marketing as an integral part of our OBE team.”

Helen Child, Co-Founder, Open Banking Excellence


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