Our approach to fintech email marketing involves more than just the occasional newsletter.

We know that every successful email campaign needs to be sent at the right time, to the right people, with the right 

As an experienced fintech marketing agency specialising in both B2B and B2C campaigns, we understand what engages different audiences.

And as a HubSpot partner, we can effectively segment your audience and deliver highly targeted emails with designs that encourage them to engage.

Our email marketing process.

Contact segmentation

Contact segmentation.

We’ll leverage the power of our HubSpot automation tools to categorise your contacts based on a range of activities, from the status of your leads to the pages they visit on your website.

Target eshots


Once your database has been segmented, we’ll start creating a series of short emails with a focus on a single, specific call-to-action that is highly relevant to each segment.

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Your design should convert your leads, not confuse them. We’ll carefully craft the structure of your emails in a way that clearly highlights their value and purpose.

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Our team will test everything to make sure you get the most out of your campaigns. We’ll analyse your open rates, subject lines and click- throughs and provide recommendations from our findings.


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